Well, here is a little about me and how I started unleashed Tampa Bay!

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I came to Florida in 2000 from Worcester Massachusetts and started a career in Clermont in Real Estate Management. I worked for a company that was based in Michigan and had properties in the Orlando area. I worked my way up in the ranks over the years to manage my own property. I had the opportunity to come to Tampa to manage a new community and was eager to live in a new city. After several years I had the opportunity to start a new venture and a new chapter in my life and pet sitting became my passion. I had always had pets growing up and throughout my adult life and could not imagine not having them as part of my family.


I am committed to giving my clients exceptional customer service and to exceed their expectations of service each and every day. I love to see those beautiful faces when I walk through the door, they just give you so much unconditional love you can never have a bad day! I am excited for the growth my company has seen over the past eight years and look forward to caring for your furry family members for years to come.


These are my two babies Abby and Joe. Joe loves to swim at the dog beach and Abby loves to play with the other dogs. They are both rescue and are the most amazing companions anyone could ever hope for!

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